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Download the PDF Page-1 Rounded rectangle STEP 1 The Service Planning Team (SPT) completes Form 3660 & ... STEP 1The Service Planning Team (SPT) completes Form 3660 & adds professional evaluation, funds, AA specifications to IPC.Effective date will be 30 days from the last signature. Rounded rectangle.2 STEP 2a DSSW will... A. Verify funds for professional evaluat... STEP 2aDSSW will...A. Verify funds for professional evaluation and specifications.B. Contact professional to complete Forms 3660 & 3849A. These Forms are to be completed within 30 days of authorization.C. Professional completes and returns Form 3660 & 3849A (3849 A required for AAs < $500.00)D. Form 3849A signed by client/LAR & DSA (required for AAs < $500.00) Flexi-arrow 2 Ellipse Is this a Van Modification? Yes, continue to STEP 2b. No, con... Is this a Van Modification?· Yes, continue to STEP 2b.· No, continue to STEP 3. Flexi-arrow 2.5 Rounded rectangle.6 STEP 2b Proof of Ownership obtained. Proof van is less than 5... STEP 2b· Proof of Ownership obtained.· Proof van is less than 5 years old and has less than 50,000 miles OR has passed independent vehicle inspection.CONTINUE to STEP 3 Flexi-arrow 2.7 Rounded rectangle.8 STEP 3 – Cost of Item DSSW will obtain 3 price quotes or send... STEP 3 – Cost of Item· DSSW will obtain 3 price quotes or send specs to vendors with request for 3 bids.· Quotes or bids must be obtained within 60 days of completion of specifications.· Request bids· Bids received· Bid selection form completedCONTINUE to STEP 4 Flexi-arrow 2.9 Rounded rectangle.10 STEP 4 – Procurement Process A. Forms 2067, 3660 & 3849A, are... STEP 4 – Procurement ProcessA. Forms 2067, 3660 & 3849A, are submitted to CMA requesting funds and a requisition fee. CMA has 14 days to obtain signatures and submit to DADS.B. IPC signed by Program Director. Note: Effective date will be at least 30 days out from the PDs signature date/date sent to DADS.C. Funds for AA are added to MESAV.D. Purchase Order initiated in DSSW system.E. Purchase Order approved in DSSW system.F. Order is placed for Adaptive Aid. Flexi-arrow 2.11 Sheet.12 Adaptive Aid Flowchart DSSW is happy to have the opportunity ... Adaptive Aid FlowchartDSSW is happy to have the opportunity to assist you with securing your adaptive aid. Please recognize that this process is not fast there are CLASS rules that must be followed. Three months to completion is the norm. Rounded rectangle.13 STEP 5 – Timeframe for Delivery Funds for Adaptive Aid are ad... STEP 5 – Timeframe for Delivery· Funds for Adaptive Aid are added to MESAV.· Under $500 delivery in 14 business days.· Over $500 delivery in 30 business days.· Medical supplies are delivered in 5 days unless immediately needed.· Medical supplies that are needed immediately are delivered in 2 days.Should your Adaptive Aid be delayed, your PD will notify you of the delay within the above time frame and Form 2067 will be completed and forwarded to your CM.CONTINUE to STEP 6 Flexi-arrow 2.14 Flexi-arrow 2.15 Rounded rectangle.4 STEP 6 – AA Completed Congratulations! You have almost comple... STEP 6 – AA CompletedCongratulations!You have almost completed the Adaptive Aid process.CONTINUE to STEP 7 Rounded rectangle.5 STEP 7 – Documentation of Completion Form 8605, should be com... STEP 7 – Documentation of Completion· Form 8605, should be completed by DSSW staff within 10 workdays of the delivery & prior to billing.· Completed Form 8065 Faxed to Case Management Agency within 7 DADS workdays. Flexi-arrow 2.6 Rounded rectangle.7 Thank you for working with us throughout this process. It is ... Thank you for working with us throughout this process.It is always our pleasure to work with you!
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