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Download the PDF Page-1 Rounded rectangle STEP 1 The Service Planning Team (SPT) completes Form 3660 & ... STEP 1The Service Planning Team (SPT) completes Form 3660 & secures treatment plan. Rounded rectangle.2 STEP 2 DSSW will... A. Verify funds for specifications and tr... STEP 2DSSW will...A. Verify funds for specifications and treatment plan and forward to the Case Manager. Flexi-arrow 2 Flexi-arrow 2.5 Rounded rectangle.6 STEP 4 – Procurement Process DSA initiates delivery of dental... STEP 4 – Procurement Process· DSA initiates delivery of dental treatment.· DSA has 14 calendar days from the authorization to initiate service. DSA will contact client and send 2067 within 14 days if there will be a delay in service.· DSA will obtain invoice from dentist when the work is completed.CONTINUE to STEP 5 Rounded rectangle.8 STEP 3 – Cost of Item Form 2067, treatment plan sent to the C... STEP 3 – Cost of Item· Form 2067, treatment plan sent to the CMA requesting funds.· IPC received from the Case Manager and signed by the Program Director.· Notice: Effective date will be at least 30 days out from the last signature date on IPC.· PD checks to see that funds are added to the clients MESAV.· Purchase Order is initiated and approved in DSSW system.CONTINUE to STEP 4 Flexi-arrow 2.9 Sheet.12 Dental Flowchart DSSW is happy to have the opportunity to ass... Dental FlowchartDSSW is happy to have the opportunity to assist you with securing your dental services. Please recognize that this process is not fast there are CLASS rules that must be followed. Three months to completion is the norm. Rounded rectangle.4 STEP 5 – Documentation of Completion Form 8605, should be com... STEP 5 – Documentation of Completion· Form 8605, should be completed by DSSW staff within 10 workdays of the delivery.· Completed Form 8605 Faxed to Case Manager within 7 DADS workdays. Rounded rectangle.7 CONGRATULATIONS! Your dental work is complete. CONGRATULATIONS!Your dental work is complete. Flexi-arrow 2.10
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